5 Items that you don’t need to buy new

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5 Items that you don’t need to buy new

Save money on items

Over the years we have built strong networks, forming the basis through which we help each other. We have a circle of friends with whom we share items, exchange gifts and such kinds of things. We can utilise these networks to cut on some expenses. Instead of buying some items, we can borrow from friends and relatives. Here are five items that we don’t need to buy, and somebody somewhere may be looking to give away:

There’s no shame in borrowing and the person giving may also need something that you have in exchange. Giving away unneeded items is part of sustainable living. It saves money and at the same time recycling it, reduces the need of using up more resources.

Outdoor sporting equipment

You don’t need to spend money to buy your own gear, you can borrow or rent. The fact that some of these items are only used occasionally means it is likely that friends or relatives will be happy to let you borrow theirs. All you have to do is take care of the gear so that when in need again the owner will rent it out or let you borrow it.


If you love to read, embrace the concept used in libraries, where you borrow or rent at a small fee and then return when you are through. With this, you are able to read the books that you want without resorting to spending heavily. Often we will only read a book once so there is no point in purchasing it. You only need to purchase a few of your favourtie books and you can rent them out or lend them to those in need.

Items for a wedding

There are some wedding items that you need to buy but others you can rent or borrow. If you’re on a budget, you could always rent or borrow a dress of accessories or get a friend to do your hair or makeup.

Baby gear

Not all baby items can be passed down but some baby items can be reused. You don’t have to buy new items every time you have a baby. You can also borrow from your family or friends who may not need them. If a baby has outgrown it, it becomes useless and no one likes to fill their garages with items they don’t need.

Carpet cleaners

Chances are that you will only need to clean your carpet a few times a year. If you buy a carpet cleaner, it means the device will be idle most of time. You can hire one from a friend or cleaning companies, this will save you a big deal.

In life, you cannot have everything; some things are better borrowed or hired. By doing so, you can save money for other important expenses or investments.



Disclaimer: The above information is general in nature and not intended to be financial advice. You should consider seeking professional advice before following any suggestions in this blog/website.

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