How to Save When You’re Studying

Just because you’re a student, it does not mean you should abandon your savings account. You may believe that it’s impossible to save when you’re studying and embrace the work hard, play hard mentality. However, saving a little every month is a great kick start for your future and can help you along your way to financial success.

Buy and Sell Your Textbooks.
Why spend $700 on 4 text books, for 1 semester, considering you are already spending hundreds on the course itself. Often your lecturers will tell you to buy textbooks from campus or the local bookstore, but there are other, much cheaper options. For example, you can buy your textbooks second hand, usually around half the price. Many second hand books are sold on Trade Me and in some book stores. There are also many Facebook groups created by students for buying and selling textbooks.

rent your textbooks. You can rent your textbooks from your university or public library. You will need to get in quick as most other students will have the same idea! There are also a number of websites that rent out textbooks for a whole semester such as, where you can save up to 80% for each textbook!Remember, you can also sell your textbooks once the semester is over! Make sure you don’t make too many pen and highlighter marks and you should get a good part of your money back!
To save money on gas and parking make sure you use public transport. With an AT HOP card you can ride the bus for a much cheaper price. You will save at least 20% off every single trip. AT HOP cards can be used on buses, trains and even ferries. Perks of AT HOP cards include online payment and free Wi-Fi on public transport, saving you yet more money on cellular data!

Make Your Meals
With a university full of food stores and cafes, it’s very tempting to simply buy your lunch on a daily basis. You should get in the habit of making your lunch and only buying your lunch once or twice a week. This habit will save you money throughout your entire life. The easiest way to have lunch ready every day is to use left overs! Take a little bit of time every night to use your left over dinner to throw something together for the next day! It is important to take lots of snacks to give you the energy and brain power you need for your classes. Snacks such as fruit, nuts or muesli bars are ideal. If you are buying your lunch at uni, choose the cheap option of sushi or kebabs instead of expensive cafe food. Make sure you use your student discount! It will save you a few dollars every meal.
Take Advantage of Student Discounts
If you’re a student, now is the time to take advantage of handy student discounts. You will definitely miss them when you are a full time employee! Get discounts by flashing your student ID cards at many places, from clothing stores such as Topshop, or electronic stores such as Apple! For even more discounts buy a student card for $20. It will save you a ton of money on a daily basis; you can get a discount on anything from movies, food, fuel, books and heaps more!
Make The Most Out of Your Course
The most obvious point being, pass your papers! Go to the classes you’re paying for and use the resources available to ensure you do not fail. Failing can cost you thousands per semester. Apart from the obvious, there are many ways you can make the most out of your universities’ free resources and facilities. Use student support services, such as extra tutoring, and workshops to help you complete your assignments or study for exams! As well as that, use your lecturer’s office hours for one on one time to ace those papers! Other services include:Health and Wellbeing Services
If you’re feeling down or overwhelmed by the course work, don’t pay hundreds, go to your student counselling to sort it out for free! Universities take the wellbeing of their students very seriously and are happy to help anyone in need.

Child care services
If your juggling university with being a mum, use the child care facilities available at many universities. Let professionals mind your child whilst you learn for a few hours. It’s usually free or a fraction of the price of other child care services. Scholarships
This can save you thousands of dollars and everyone should strive for this option! It’s easier to get a scholarship than you think! Scholarships are granted based on area of study, academic merit, community service or involvement, ethnicity, financial hardship, the industry or trade, leadership, or the region you grew up in! It’s worth trying your luck and applying for a scholarship. This way a few of your semesters could be paid for, lowering that hefty student loan!

Disclaimer: The above information is general in nature and not intended to be financial advice. You should consider seeking professional advice before following any suggestions in this blog/website.

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