How to Work at Home When You Have Kids

If you are working at home, sometimes your kids can become a slight distraction. There are some things you can do to ensure that you continue to make money for your family and spend time with your kids. It is more than likely that you have decided to work from home because of your kids but you may start to feel overwhelmed and conflicted on managing your work time and the time you want to spend with your children. Take a look at some of these tips and hopefully they will help you manage both your job and your children.

The first thing you can do, depending on the age of your children, is sit your children down and speak with them about what you need from them when you are working. You would be surprised at how understanding children can be when you treat them like they are older. Having said that, you also have to plan your own expectations. It may seem easy to come up with a schedule for yourself but as you probably already know, the events of the day tend to change that schedule quite frequently. Make a list of things you need to get done that day and work as much as you can to finish the tasks you have laid out for yourself, instead of organising a precise schedule.

Importantly, take some time out of your day to have child breaks. Just like if you worked at an office, you will receive breaks where you either chat with co-workers or get yourself a coffee, well instead, you can read, play, or make snacks with your kids to ensure they get the attention they need and you have the chance to re-energize yourself. You can also do this by getting out of the house for some time during the day, being in the house for too long can make it hard to concentrate and even drive you a little crazy. Or, if you have a really busy day ahead, try to send your kids out for the day, arrange a play date with friends or family, return the favour on the weekend or the next time you’re free.

Another option, especially if you find yourself really distracted by your children, is to work odd hours. Get as much work as you can done while the kids are napping, or put them to bed an hour early if you really need to get something finished. You also have the option to put your children to work! Offer them some allowance if they help clean around the house, this way it will keep them distracted you will have less house work to do later. Don’t feel guilty about using television or computer games to help distract your kids, some days you may just need more time to focus on your work. Apply some of these steps to your day-to-day basis and see how they work for you and your children.

Disclaimer: The above information is general in nature and not intended to be financial advice. You should consider seeking professional advice before following any suggestions in this blog/website.

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