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Loans NZ – how to get one?

Imagine this – you have found yourself struggling to pay for an unexpected bill or another unforeseen expense, your next payday is days away and you can’t borrow money from your family, friends, employer or the bank…

In a stressful situation like that, getting a loan might be your solution. If you are a working New Zealander needing extra cash to keep you going until your next pay cheque, you may have come to the right place.

Cashburst is offering personal finance solutions for urgent cash flow problems.


What is the criteria for getting cash loans in NZ?

First of all, prospective borrowers have to be working in a stable, ongoing job with a fixed regular income of at least $350/week (after tax) excluding government benefits for our ‘Need A Lift’, ‘Going Places’ and ‘Moving Forward*’ loans – this needs to be direct-deposited into your own NZ bank account.

The second very important thing is that current bankrupts cannot take out cash loans – although past bad credit may be OK.

Also, it is necessary for the borrower to be 18 years old or over and to be a NZ citizen or permanent resident.

*Available solely to our Returning clients, on an invitation-only basis and are still subject to standard eligibility, lending and affordability criteria.

Cash loans and responsible lending in NZ

Cashburst is a responsible lender – we do not lend to unemployed people or people who cannot afford the repayments. We check all applications against specific lending criteria during our processing stage and encourage our customers to make a budget prior to applying.