Subsequent Loans policy, right to cancel and hardship applications

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In this document Cashburst (the provider of loans through this website) is referred to as Zethus Holdings Limited, us or we.

Subsequent Loans Policy

To be eligible for a subsequent loan:

  • you will need to meet our affordability criteria
  • you will need to have fully repaid any prior loans or
  • you will need to be current on the payments of your existing loan*

* Except you cannot apply for a new loan if you have not fully repaid your first loan.

Right to cancel (early repayment)

You have a right to cancel your loan (i.e. fully repay your loan) at any time during the life of your contract. No additional administration or other fees or costs apply if you cancel but you will be required to pay interest for the period from the day you received the advance until the day you repaid the advance, and we may charge you for any reasonable expenses necessarily incurred by us in connection with your contract.

Any Repayment Waiver Fee charged to you will be refunded in full (together with any interest charged on it) if you cancel your loan in the first 30 days or otherwise (on full repayment) will be rebated in a manner no less favorable to you than the minimum prescribed by law.

How to cancel: To cancel, you must give the Creditor written notice that you intend to cancel the contract by

  • giving notice to the Creditor or an employee or agent of the Creditor; or
  • posting the notice to the Creditor or an agent of the Creditor; or
  • emailing the notice to the Creditor’s e-mail address; or
  • sending the notice to the Creditor’s fax number.


You must also, within the same time frame, return to the Creditor any advance and any other property received by you under the contract. We will then let you know what the settlement amount will be. You can also make a partial repayment at any time during the term of your contract, with no fee or cost resulting from that payment.


Hardship applications

Click here for information on unforeseen financial hardship and to start a formal application.