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   In this document Cashburst (the provider of loans through this website) is referred to as Maranello Limited, us or we.

Where to go for financial advice

We do not provide financial advice and therefore we are not in a position to be able to advise you if a loan from us is the most appropriate for your specific situation. You may need to seek your own advice in regard to the loan and/or the loan agreement.

Personal loans are not meant to be used continuously. If you find yourself using personal loans on a frequent basis, you should consider using other sources of financing, or consult a non-profit credit counsellor or seek help from a budget advisor.

Some websites you may find helpful are: Moneytalks, Sorted, Commerce Commission, Ministry of Consumer Affairs, or

If you find your monthly bills are often exceeding your monthly income, if credit and collection agencies are calling constantly, or if debt stress is making it difficult to cope with everyday life, these are all signs that debt has become a problem.

It is always better to recognize a problem and try to deal with it than to let it build into a larger problem. If you have trouble meeting your loan repayments to us, click here.

A credit-counselling agency can help you in this situation. We can help you locate a not-for-profit Credit Counselling Agency near you – simply contact us at