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Payday Loans for New Zealanders

payday-loans-nzAre you a working New Zealander struggling to get through to your next payday because of an unexpected expense?

Don’t worry! Cashburst may be able to help in a stressful situation like that by lending a small amount of money to temporarily tide you over.

Payday Loan customers – who are they?

One of the common stereotypes about payday loans is that the lenders often target poor and desperate people. But that is not necessarily true. To pre-qualify for a payday loan from Cashburst, one needs to be in full-time, stable, ongoing employment with a regular fixed income.

We have already helped hundreds of hard-working Kiwis (just like you) get through to next payday: you can find their testimonials here.

Why do some New Zealanders need payday loans?

Even though we all try to do a great job of effectively managing our finances, in some situations it is impossible to stick to a budget because of unexpected expenses. Such expenses can be: medical bills, car repairs, medical emergencies or unexpectedly high power bills. If you have found yourself in a tight, stressful financial spot like the above and you are not able to cover these expenses by digging into your savings or borrowing from family or friends – getting a payday loan may be a great solution for you.

This is a temporary solution

Payday loans could be a useful financial tool when it comes to covering financial emergencies, but we also encourage our customers to do a budget prior to applying for a NZ payday loan from Cashburst to make sure the repayments are affordable.