Saving Money at the Movies

With the International Film Festival coming to Auckland on the 17th of July till the 3rd of April, it’s time for some money saving tips to keep in mind when you are heading to the movies with your family or friends. According to the New Zealand Motion Picture Distributors’ Association (NZMPDA) about $179.9 million worth of movie tickets were sold in 2013, which averages to about $12-20 dollars per ticket. So if you love going to the movies, but feel like it’s going to cost you an arm and a leg to do so, here are some tips to ensure you enjoy going to the movies without the worry of the cost.

The first major cost that concerns most people is price of the admission ticket. The steep cost of these tickets deters the average person, however, if you know where to look for deals then the price of these tickets can actually be more affordable. If you have an entertainment book, then there are plenty of deals within them, usually 2 for 1 coupons are the common ones seen. If you do not have one of these books, they only cost between $60 and $65, depending on where you are in New Zealand, but they have so many deals that will make your money back and continuously help you save money throughout the year with other activities.

Another idea is keeping an eye out for daily deals, restaurant promotions where you can get a meal and a ticket, or a certain day of the week. Instead of constantly just going to the larger cinemas, trying looking at local cinemas where they usually have promotions on certain days of the week, usually Tuesdays.

Most people instinctively feel the need to snack or buy cinema food when they go see a film, which can cost quite a few extra dollars. Although it seems unfair at how much the snacks may cost, especially for a family which can easily cost almost $100 or even more depending on the size family you have, there is a way to save some money.

Sneaking food in is never encouraged due to the consequences that may occur, however, we have the luxury of picking the seats we want before the movie begins. You may not like the idea, but it does come with some advantages. A major advantage is being able to arrive slightly early to ensure great seats but able to leave and come back. Instead of buying food at the cinema, go grab a cheaper snack with your friends and family so you can chat before the movie and not have those cravings once you get in the cinema. If you still find yourself wanting some food, then grab one thing to share and that way you are cutting down the cost immensely.

The final tip may not be for everyone but it can save you quite a bit of money when it comes to the admission prices and what you spend on food. If you do really love the cinema food, try to avoid going to 3D movies. Some movies are obviously an exception, because they must be seen in 3D to get the whole experience, but with the ticket price averaging to $21 dollars each, it might be worth skipping the 3D experience and using that extra money on food (if you must have it).

Disclaimer: The above information is general in nature and not intended to be financial advice. You should consider seeking professional advice before following any suggestions in this blog/website.

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