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Payday Advance

A payday advance is a cash loan required to be repaid over a set of the borrower’s next paydays. The first step of securing a loan from Cashburst is to go through the online application process and submit the supporting documents. From there, we will review your application by checking it against our specific lending criteria and inform you of our lending decision.

You can choose the number of repayments to suit your needs and ability to repay – although it is strongly recommended to pay it off as soon as you are in the position to do so. If you have chosen one repayment, the total repayment amount will be direct debited from your bank account on your next pay date; if you have chosen more than one repayment, the total amount owing will be spread over that number of repayments and direct debited on those pay dates.

Sometimes it seems impossible to get a hold of money. Payday advance companies are often able to step in when mainstream financial institutions cannot or do not want to help. As a responsible payday advance lender, we encourage our customers to use our service only when there are no other, more traditional, finance options available. You may wish to consider borrowing from a family member, friend or employer first.

A big advantage of dealing with lenders like Cashburst is that the whole process is online-based, which means that you do not need to leave your office or home to get your application processed. You usually won’t even need to go to the bank to get the cash or pay the loan back – and if your application is approved, you could receive the money in your bank as an overnight deposit.