7 of the best money saving life hacks

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7 of the best money saving life hacks

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Life hacks are simple tasks that gives value to life, activities that gives a new perspective on the way we spend our time and energy as well as money. Here are seven of the best money-saving life hacks that we can adopt.

Making water our beverage of choice

Water is an important component in our bodies. In fact, science tells us that a significant part of our body is made up of water or bodily fluids. We are encouraged to drink water daily and plenty of it. Although we have several beverages that we can drink to quench thirst, water is listed as the most important. There is an advantage in making it your everyday beverage, you rehydrate your body and also provide a mechanism for its normal functions and as a bonus, water is free, saving you money spent on energy drinks or juice!

Other types of beverages such are energy drinks are harmful to our body and are also expensive. If we cut them off our list, and make water the main beverage we will not only save money but also gain in terms of our overall health.

If tap water is an issue, get a water filter

Now that we know the importance of drinking water regularly, we shouldn’t use it as an excuse to spend on bottled water. We would succeed in getting our daily intake but at a high cost. If you are not comfortable drinking tap water get a water filter. With this you can filter your own water saving on costs.

Call your car insurance company

Directly approach your car insurance company and present your case. Negotiate for cheaper rates based on your good driving and accident-free record. With this you could get competitive rates.


Get friends, relatives or colleagues who live in the same neighborhood to share one of the cars while going to work. With this, you’ll share the cost of fuel that comes with this kind of travel and save a good amount of money.

Use public transport

If carpooling does not work for you, use public transport, it’s not only cheaper but also convenient in that you do not have to worry about the trouble that comes with parking and other hassles related to private vehicles.

Eat at home

Avoid restaurants and takeaways as much as possible, you’ll not only eat what you want for less but also eat healthier meals prepared at home.

Make a shopping list and stick to the budget.

When shopping, use a list derived from your budget, make sure you don’t deviate from your list at any time, as you will end up spending on unnecessary items that may go to waste.

With these measures you’ll save some money and begin your journey to an improved financial life.

Disclaimer: The above information is general in nature and not intended to be financial advice. You should consider seeking professional advice before following any suggestions in this blog/website.

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