Why Father’s Day Shouldn’t Cost You

It’s that time of year again; we are faced with the decision of what to buy our Dads for Father’s Day. We can ask our Dads what they want for Father’s Day, only to be shrugged off with the answer ‘nothing’. Have you ever considered that your Dad is being truthful when he says he wants ‘nothing’? Although Father’s Day should not be forgotten, material items aren’t necessarily what your dad hopes for. Save your Dad some time while saving yourself some money with the following Father’s day ideas.

The gift of time
You may not realise it but as we get older our Dads crave the quality time they are missing from our childhood. Father’s Day is all about your Dad, so pick an activity that your Dad loves, even if it wouldn’t be your first choice. It may be a game of golf or a fishing trip, every dad is different so tailoring Father’s Day to your Dad’s personality is what makes it so special.

Free up his time
If your Dad is a hard worker, you don’t want his weekends to be consumed by chores too. It’s as easy as mowing the lawns or washing his car. Time to relax from commitments and responsibilities will be pure bliss for your dad.

Be thoughtful
It’s the little things that count, those small favours that will brighten your Dad’s day. For example, a trip down the road for a good coffee and the Sunday Herald, ready for your Dad when he wakes up.

Get everyone involved
Your dad may downplay the importance of Father’s Day but it’s still a nice idea to make him feel extra special for one day every year. Your dad will not appreciate anything more than being surrounded by his loved ones. Get the family together and instead of going out for an expensive lunch, ask everyone to bring a plate of something that Dad likes. Remember, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach!

Father’s Day has become overridden by presents because it’s the easy option. We lack time in our busy lives; dropping off a present to our Dads saves us the most time. So this Father’s Day, instead of asking your Dad what he wants, give it some thought. Maybe your Dad would appreciate some time spent together or the opportunity do to something he loves.

Disclaimer: The above information is general in nature and not intended to be financial advice. You should consider seeking professional advice before following any suggestions in this blog/website.

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