5 money moves to make if your net worth is negative

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5 money moves to make if your net worth is negative

What to do if your net worth is negative

Net worth denotes the act of balancing your assets with liabilities. If the figure is positive it means that you are managing your finances well, but if it’s below zero or negative you have fewer assets compared to your debts. One should aim to have a positive figure as far as net worth is concerned. Here are five moves you can take to make your net worth figures positive:

Reduce spending

One of the most obvious ways of getting a negative worth figure involves spending more than you are earning. This can be tantamount to living beyond your means. You need to cut spending, only buy those things which are necessary. Cut on luxuries and other unnecessary spending. Tracking your spending will help in eliminating expenses which are not important.

Prioritise your debts

High interest debt is one of the main causes of a negative figure net worth. This can be eliminated through prioritising high interest debts. Also ensure that you pay all your debts regularly, this not only goes towards reducing interest and other fees, but also on improving your credit rating.

Increase your earnings

If your debts are increasing and your available income is shrinking, look for ways to increase your income to address the situation. Find a way to monetize your skills or switch to a job where you can earn more.

Make investments

Investments will increase your net worth if they are managed properly, look for areas to invest, those that will give good returns

Set your financial goals

For you to improve your net worth you will need to have motivation. For example, purchasing your first home. Failure to set personal goals leads to stagnation, a situation that can only worsen your financial position. Set personal goals right from the start and work towards fulfilling them. You’ll find yourself having more assets and less debt obligations.

Disclaimer: The above information is general in nature and not intended to be financial advice. You should consider seeking professional advice before following any suggestions in this blog/website.

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