Saving Money as a Bridesmaid

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Saving Money as a Bridesmaid


When some people are asked to be a bridesmaid they are overjoyed and completely honoured, but for some of us, the sad reality of how much it might cost us starts to sink in. Instead of declining or worrying about how much money it may set you back, try using at least a couple of these tips and you will save money, look beautiful, and have a great time celebrating the love between two people that you care about.

The first tip that comes up almost every time anyone talks about saving money is planning ahead. If you sit down and take the time to tackle certain tasks right away than you will save more money compared to if you leave it until the last minute. This includes the idea of booking your travel once you know the dates. As much as you think you are ahead of the game, you know the bride has everything planned well ahead of time so there should be no excuse not to book your travel right away. Another task you should consider conquering early is buying from the registry. No one wants to be stuck buying some boring or even worse, ridiculously expensive gift. So now that you have those out of the way, go shopping. I know you might be reading this rather confused but when you are trying to save money, when you look for sale items such as dresses or accessories then you will be ready for the bachelorette party or bridal shower beforehand. Buying these items when you can get them on sale saves you from making a last minute purchase that could cost you a lot more money.

Now that the events are starting to begin, make sure you consider a few things. The first is not to over volunteer, it is more likely that a family-member or someone else will jump in and organize events and other plans for the wedding. No matter what, when the wedding is over, no one really remembers who planned what and you won’t be paying for it later. Another option is sitting down and talking with the other bridesmaids. There is a big chance that your fellow girls are in the same boat as you so why not split the cost of certain items and decide on a budget.

The final tips are regarding the famous bridesmaid dress that you will be wearing and hopefully not hating. The best way to save some money with these dresses is, firstly, don’t get the dress altered at the shop. It may be tempting and they will definitely try to convince you to do so but try your best to refrain and find a better option. And when the magical day is over and you are stuck with this dress you will never wear again, you can actually sell it on or if you saved a lot of money by using these tips then you can always donate it.

Disclaimer: The above information is general in nature and not intended to be financial advice. You should consider seeking professional advice before following any suggestions in this blog/website.

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